Elope to Paris with So Special Events! Religious and symbolic ceremony planning, intimate reception organisation, and wedding day planning. Find out more about elopements in Paris and discover our planning tips!

So, you have decided to get married in France and now you have to find answers to a billion of questions like “Can I legally get married in France?” “What do I start with?” “How do French weddings differ from American ones?” “How much does it cost?” “What is French wedding etiquette?” “What is the best destination?” and many others…

You woke up today with this crazy idea in mind – what if we get married in Paris?

Bridal photoshoot in Paris. Your portion of Parisian wedding inspiration.

Looking for a venue to host your chateau wedding in France? Here is a small selection of our favourite wedding castles near Paris for an elegant celebration.

Top 10 must-have objects you need to buy for your wedding. Wedding planning in Paris.

Planning your wedding in France? Here you will find detailed information on prices of french wedding suppliers.

Elopement in Paris. Romantic trip for two on a private boat.

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Having a love story photo shoot became somewhat a must-do before your wedding. We see so many beautiful posts on social networks and in our favourite blogs, that we all want to have the same sweet and romantic photos. Yet, it often happens that even after a several hours photoshoot with a professionnal photographer, we are still dissapointed with a result which doesn't correspond to what we have expected. How to avoid failure and get the most of your love story shoot? Advices from a Paris based...

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Congratulations ! You are engaged and you have decided to do say « I do » in Paris. All you need now is to find your perfect venue and reliable supliers. In this blog post I will give you insight into great locations both in and near Paris, including details on their offers and rates.

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