How much does a wedding in France really cost ?

As you can imagine, it’s difficult to answer this question, because weddings can be so different. You can have a cosy reception in a french château near Paris for thirty people, or throw a party for hundred people on a private villa on the Côte d’Azur. To help you to get your ideas clear about the price for organising your wedding in France, I’ve decided to write this article. 

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Romantic trip on the Seine river

Rita and Vadim, beautiful couple from Ukraine has opened my wedding season this year. They choose to elope to Paris in order to live the most intimate and the most memorable moments in tête-à-tête. 

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Romantic wedding in Provence

Today I would like to share with you photos and impressions from my own wedding that me and my fiancé have organised in Provence. 


I need to tell, that even though we live in Paris and are both in love with this city, we have always wanted to celebrate our wedding in Provence, my fiancé's home region. I fell in love with Provence the second I have first seen it through the window of the train Paris-Arles. Beautiful southern landscapes, huge cultural heritage, great food and vine, pleasant climate - it's an ultimate spor for a romantic and chic wedding in France.

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How to get perfect Love Story photos

elopement in paris Alexandre 3 bridge
Photo by Matt Guegan

Having a love story photo shoot became somewhat a must-do before your wedding. We see so many beautiful posts on social networks and in our favourite blogs, that we all want to have the same sweet and romantic photos. Yet, it often happens that even after a several hours photoshoot with a professionnal photographer, we are still dissapointed with a result which doesn't correspond to what we have expected.


How to avoid failure and get the most of your love story shoot? Advices from a Paris based wedding photographer Matt Guegan. 

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All you need to know about your wedding organisation in Paris

weddings in france, weddings in paris, wedding planner in paris


 Congratulations ! You are engaged and you have decided to do say « I do » in Paris.


All you need now is to find your perfect venue and reliable supliers. In this blog post I will give you  insight into great locations both in and near Paris, including details on  their offers and rates.

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Wedding in France - How to choose your destination?

wedding and elopement in paris

 More and more couples are deciding to tie the knot in France. They come from all over the world and are not discouraged by lengthy travel times. Brazil, China, Russia, Japan, England – couples from different corners of the planet are seduced by the French charm. Indeed, France is a great spot to organize your wedding celebration. It has so much to offer that it is sometimes quite difficult to choose your destination within the country. In this blog I will give you an overview of the most popular wedding locations in France and will list their pros and cons.  

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