Bridal photoshoot in Paris

There are two things that leave me rather frustrated about weddings. First, is that you can only wear your wedding dress once.  Second, is that in real life situations, brides often don't have  enough time and energy to do a long photoshoot on their wedding day. 


Even when couples dedicade two or even three hours to photography, it is sometimes not enough to make all photos they wanted.  Besides, grooms tend to get exhausted and camera-anxious quite rapidly. 


Having a solo bridal photoshoot is a cure to both of the above-mentioned problems. You can take your time to have fun making photos in a stress-less environment, you get to know your wedding photographer, and you are sure to have loads of amazing photos you will love. Plan your bridal photoshoot on the day you have your hair and make-up test and enjoy being the bride! 


See photos from our last Parisian bridal photoshoot in this blog post!

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Sweet and simple Parisian elopement

There are many amazing destinations for intimate elopements, but Paris is my favourite one! Parisian elopements are always romantic, effortlessly sophisticated and elegant. If you are sensitive to elegant ambiance, premium hotels and great food, Paris is a place-to-elope.


Rachelle and Scott, american couple that came to Paris to exchange their vows and to celebrate their union. They vows exchange ceremony has been officiated by their close friend, whilst their friends and family have been around to support and to celebrate with them. 


In this blog post you will find photos from their ceremony and romantic promenade. 

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Chateau wedding near Paris

wedding venues near Paris

Dreaming about having your wedding reception in a french château ? Well, I understand you sooo well ! I am absolutely crazy about castles, private mansions and « maisons de maître » and every time I visit one of them, I can’t help myself but thinking of a gorgeous wedding it can host. Today, I’m giving away my secret locations and sharing with you some of great venues where you can host a wedding reception of your dreams.



Please note, that there are hundreds of wedding venues in a Parisian region, so even if you don’t find your perfect wedding reception venue in this post, no worries ! For all my couples I make an individual research based on style preferences, geographical area and budget. 

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TOP 10 must-have objects for your wedding

Planning your wedding and worrying that you will forget something important? 

Here is a top 10 list of must-have objects that you need to buy before your wedding.


My favourite wedding marketplace is etsy, most of items I got for my own wedding came from there. If you are from USA, you are even more lucky than us europeans, because there are much more vendors based in states than in Europe (which means you can save on delivery fees).




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How much does a wedding in France really cost ?

Want to calculate an approximate price for your wedding reception in France?

This article describes prices of various wedding vendors in France. 



Let’s start with the venue, as it is one of the most expensive elements in your budget. Most couples, both french and foreign, choose to host their wedding receptions in castles. It’s better if you have a private one and not a hotel-château, so that you can enjoy the privacy and intimacy of the place for the whole weekend.

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Elopement in Paris - Seine cruise

Rita and Vadim, beautiful couple from Ukraine has opened my wedding season this year. They choose to elope to Paris in order to live the most intimate and the most memorable moments in tête-à-tête. 

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Romantic wedding in Provence

Today I would like to share with you photos and impressions from my own wedding that me and my fiancé have organised in Provence. 


I need to tell, that even though we live in Paris and are both in love with this city, we have always wanted to celebrate our wedding in Provence, my fiancé's home region. I fell in love with Provence the second I have first seen it through the window of the train Paris-Arles. Beautiful southern landscapes, huge cultural heritage, great food and vine, pleasant climate - it's an ultimate spor for a romantic and chic wedding in France.

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How to get perfect Love Story photos

elopement in paris Alexandre 3 bridge
Photo by Matt Guegan

Having a love story photo shoot became somewhat a must-do before your wedding. We see so many beautiful posts on social networks and in our favourite blogs, that we all want to have the same sweet and romantic photos. Yet, it often happens that even after a several hours photoshoot with a professionnal photographer, we are still dissapointed with a result which doesn't correspond to what we have expected.


How to avoid failure and get the most of your love story shoot? Advices from a Paris based wedding photographer Matt Guegan. 

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 Wedding planner in Paris 

Elegant weddings in France

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